Trump to host Netanyahu in White House

22 March, 2019, 01:11 | Author: Gregory Stephens
  • Top Democrat Rips Trump White House For 'Stonewalling' Congressional Probes

The president will welcome Netanyahu for his third White House visit since Trump took office, the White house said Wednesday.

Cummings said the administration has not turned over "a single piece of paper to our committee or made a single official available for testimony during the 116th Congress" related to the ongoing committee investigations. The panel asked recipients to respond to the requests by March 18.

On at least two occasions, the White House has pushed back on efforts by the committee to reach out to former White House officials, arguing that topics pertaining to former officials' work should be sorted out with the White House first - even if the officials are no longer federal employees.

Cummings wrote in the Post that while the White House offered to allow the committee to "read - but not keep - a few pages of policy documents", but he alleges that those materials had "nothing to do" with the investigations. However, it is now unclear how much information she will be releasing to the investigation. He added that committee investigators are in contact with others on their list who have said they would be more comfortable responding to a subpoena, rather than a voluntary request. The deadline for that request was Monday, but the White House didn't so much as bother to send a customary note outlining its reasons for refusing to comply.

Democratic investigators singled out any documents relating to the infamous Trump Tower meeting between Trump 2016 campaign officials, Trump family members and a Russian lawyer in June 2016-as well as the alleged drafting of a misleading statement about the involvement of Trump's oldest son Donald Trump Jr.

Earlier this month, Nadler requested documents from 81 individuals and other entities as part of an expanding inquiry into Trump and accusations of "obstruction of justice, corruption, and abuse of power".

Last year, while testifying behind closed doors before that committee, when Republicans controlled the House, Hicks reportedly answered questions about the presidential campaign and transition but declined to discuss her tenure in the White House.

Hicks isn't the only former White House official who is cooperating with the House Judiciary Committee. AMI was part of a "catch and kill" scheme during the 2016 campaign to pay off women who said they had affairs with Mr. Trump.



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