Merkel, Trump Voice Concern Over Putin's New Weapons Claims

03 March, 2018, 00:18 | Author: Gregory Stephens
  • Russia won’t cut off gas to Europe despite ‘politically motivated’ court decision says legal expert

Putin unveiled the new arsenal on Thursday in a state of the nation address, challenging Washington to a new arms race ahead of a March 18 presidential election that will all but certainly confirm his grip on power.

The innovations Putin mentioned in his speech - like an unmanned submarine that could eventually fire a nuclear warhead - are part of a modernization program, but not the start of a unsafe new arms race. "Now, listen to us". "Listen to us now". "We're not surprised", Pentagon spokeswoman Dana White said.

One particular sore point for Moscow is NATO's USA -built missile defence umbrella across Spain, Poland and Romania, which the alliance says is created to shoot down Iranian rockets.

Russian media reported that the new ICBM can carry 10 large warheads, 16 smaller ones, Business Insider reported.

A computer video showed the drone being launched by a submarine, cruising over the seabed, hitting an aircraft carrier and also exploding near the shore.

USA intelligence agencies have not made it known whether they knew about those tests before Putin's speech, or if the tests themselves are real. "It's not a bluff, you trust me".

The weapons included a cruise missile that he claimed could "reach anywhere in the world". The playful offer evokes the Soviet-era tradition of giving the innocuous names to some of the deadliest weapons systems.

In the absence of any program and with Putin having refused to take part in TV debates with other candidates, the address suggested cutting poverty and improving the environment would be among the top goals of his expected new six-year term.

"Russia is not going to be pulled into any arms race". He added that Sarmat also carries a bigger number of nuclear warheads, which are more powerful than the ones on Satan. Russia's new deterrent, Putin said, is invulnerable to interception.

As well, Putin announced a hypersonic missile called the Avangard that he claims can travel at 20 times the speed of sound, or roughly 7.5 kilometres a second.

"We don't regard that as the behaviour of a responsible worldwide player", spokeswoman Heather Nauert said.

"Russia does not plan to get dragged into any arms race", said Peskov.

Have you freaked out about Russia's new missiles yet?

Russian Federation has boosted its defense systems with its new range of strategic nuclear weapons that render the USA missile defenses useless. "No one should have any doubts about it".

In his remarks, Putin pointed to the United States as the problem, saying that the United States position "reduces the threshold for the use of nuclear weapons", and pointing out that Washington has unilaterally walked away from arms control treaties with Moscow in the past.

Citing new threats in space, cyberspace, and from terrorism, the Trump review also proposed loosening the conditions under which the USA might go nuclear - for example, in response to a non-nuclear attack that caused mass casualties (such as the September 11 attacks).

The Russian president also warned that his country's military buildup would be able to cancel out NATO's amassment of military force on Russia's borders, though he stressed that Russia did not intend to attack any other country.



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