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OnePlus Investigating Credit Card Fraud Reports

17 January, 2018, 00:03 | Author: Lloyd Doyle
  • The Verge

OnePlus customers have appreciated the company's quick response to the matter so as to warn them on making any further credit card transactions until the issue is resolved.

The incident came to light when on the OnePlus support forum on January 11 from a customer who said two of his credit cards used on the phone maker's official website showed signs of fraud.

The advice for anyone who's bought something from OnePlus in the past couple of months is straightforward: Check your payment-card statements (including the most recent transactions, which you can check online or over the phone) and report anything suspicious to your card issuer.

The company has launched an investigation, but says that it does not carry out card processing itself or store credit card information. Interestingly enough, the payment page which requests the customer's card details is hosted ON-SITE and is not an iFrame by a third-party payment processor.

Things are still in the process of investigating but based on their statement, we have this feeling that the ax will fall on that "PCI-DDS-compliant payment processing partner" as it seems like there was a breakdown in security somewhere there. Secondly, OnePlus did not mention that they do not handle card payments that are made on its website.

Having said that, the folks over at Fidus - an information security firm - have looked into this matter and have said that OnePlus is now using Magento eCommerce platform that is known for credit card hacking. However, an analysis of the site's payment processing by security firm Fidus suggests there is a brief window "in which malicious code is able to siphon credit card details before the data is encrypted". OnePlus says it's doing a complete audit of its system.

Is my credit card info stored on oneplus.net? However, since 2014 we have been re-building the entire website with custom code, and credit card payments were never implemented in Magento's payment module at all. One requirement of PCI-DSS is that servers must "encrypt transmission of cardholder data and sensitive information across public net", which doesn't appear to be true in OnePlus's case. "They will help you initiate a charge back and prevent any financial loss". A OnePlus staff member has responded on this forum post saying that he has highlighted this issue to the company's customer service team, and says that "they will look into it ASAP".


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